10 poker tips that will get you further

poker tips

The internet offers countless, sometimes contradictory poker tips. But which strategies will really get you ahead?

1. Bet on a good hand or not at all

It doesn’t make much sense to keep playing with a bad hand and then betting high. It may be fun to push your luck now and then.

But if you like to stay at the poker table longer and don’t want to gamble away your entire budget, bet on good hands with winning chances. If luck is not on your side, you’d better sit out. It’s not for nothing that poker pros win with hands that have it in them.

2. PAY attention to the sequence of cards on the table.

This is especially true in Texas Hold’em. After the flop, always keep in mind the best possible card combinations with your own hand as well as with possible other cards of your fellow players. This will help you keep track of your own and your opponents’ chances of winning. 3.

3. Recognise a good bluff

Once you understand the game and feel confident, start observing the play of your fellow players. This is especially true for rounds in which you are no longer actively playing.

Does a player always bet aggressively only when he has a rather bad hand in hand? Maybe the aggressive bets are an attempt to push other players out and thus get into the final round with a bad hand, in which the opponent folds. This is called a bluff. Once you have spotted a bluffer, you can turn this to your advantage and adjust your play accordingly.

4. Observe your fellow players

A fellow player at the table is betting aggressively on his cards? It is probably because he or she has a good hand in hand that promises a high winning combination. In this case, you can judge from the cards on the table and in your hand which combination this could be – or whether they are bluffing.

Weigh up whether the other player’s hand could offer a higher or lower chance of winning than your own hand and act accordingly. 5.

5. Choose The Right Poker Game

Play at poker tables with a skill level that is similar to yours. There is no point in letting poker professionals play you as a beginner. As soon as you think you can’t keep up with the experience of your fellow players, change tables. 6.

6. Play with good cards to last longer

You will be exposed quickly if you keep trying to bluff with bad cards. Your opponents will no longer buy your supposedly good hand so easily and will quickly play you out with their really good hands.

So concentrate on the really good hands that promise a positive chance of winning. 7.

7. Well played hands increase the pot

A winning hand and balanced, not overly aggressive play encourages other players to keep playing, increasing the pot with each round.

Playing too aggressively with a very good hand will make other players doubt their chances of winning and fold.

8. Fold if unsure

You are not sure how good the chances are for your hand? This can have various reasons.

Perhaps the sequence of cards and the number of players at the table do not allow for a halfway good assessment of which cards are in the hands and which are not. Or it may simply be due to the experience you still need to build up. In any case, if you are unsure, it is better to fold than to lose unnecessarily.

9 Draws can be unnecessarily expensive

Resist the temptation to wait until the last round for a suitable card. In the long run, you will only blow your budget.

Because the chances of winning a missing card to the straight in the last round are lower than winning in the end with a strong hand from the beginning.

10 Stop when frustration takes over

This is one of the most important pieces of advice in poker as well as in gambling in general. Play responsibly, set limits and stick to them, don’t gamble away your savings, don’t chase losses and stop playing when frustration gets the better of you.

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