How to play Keno

How to play Keno

To put it in context, Keno is very similar to lottery games, where you have to select numbers from 1 to 80.

The player can choose one number or 20 numbers, which are also called “spots”. Then there is a draw where 20 numbers are drawn, depending on the rules of the casino, and the player wins a prize depending on how many numbers he or she gets right.

About game

The draw in conventional casinos is done manually, whereas in online casinos the numbers are displayed electronically, however, the rules remain the same, the only difference is that online casinos offer more incentives for playing Keno than conventional casinos.

In short, the main objective of Keno is to match as many of the numbers you have chosen to bet on as possible.

Keno Rules

Now it is time to talk about the rules of Keno, you have to keep in mind that the more numbers you bet, the bigger the prize you can get, but you also have to keep in mind that choosing more numbers makes it more difficult to win.

As for the rules, you must take into consideration that there are up to five types of cards available with which you can play:

  • Keno with regular cards. This is the classic Keno, in which you select the numbers you want to pick. You are allowed to choose from 1 to 15 numbers to play, however, there are casinos that let you choose up to 20 numbers.
  • Keno with combination cards. In this case, playing with combinations consists in joining several normal cards and mixing them in different ways to have more chances of winning. Each combination or mix costs one bet per unit.
  • Keno with split cards. This is another option for playing Keno. It involves playing with the same card, but split into two or more pieces. You choose two sets of numbers and split them with a line, if you place a minimum bet of $2, the total payout per set will be $4.
  • Keno with Way cards. In this situation you have to bet on several groups of Keno numbers on a single table, this is a rather complicated way of playing. You choose the number of number combinations you will bet on from the groups you have made. Then you arrange your bets and count them.
  • Keno with King cards. King cards are related to the ones mentioned above, the main difference is that in this case you will choose one or more numbers as King. King numbers have a special value for the bettor.

As we can see, there are many ways to play Keno and each one has different rules, if you are a beginner in this game it is recommended that you go from less to more and start playing with normal cards until you gain experience.

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